Business Readiness Profile

Are you considering expanding your business into the Norwegian market?

Before taking the leap, it’s essential to ensure that your business is fully prepared for the unique challenges and opportunities that Norway presents.

From financial readiness to market research and team alignment, there are several key factors to consider.

To help you assess your business’s readiness for Norway, we’ve put together a comprehensive quiz that covers important areas such as financial planning, market analysis, team dynamics, product differentiation, and strategic planning.

Norway Growth Plan

Targeting IT-market in Norway? Join our Growth Plan!

  • Exclusive Access to High-Demand Market: Norway faces a significant shortage of IT resources, with an estimated shortfall of 40,000 skilled professionals. This scarcity presents a unique opportunity for top-tier vendors to meet the growing demand for IT solutions and services in Norway’s thriving tech ecosystem.
  • Priority Placement in Yearly Growth Program: As part of our commitment to fostering growth and innovation in the Norwegian IT sector, we’ve launched a prestigious yearly growth program. This program is designed to accelerate the growth trajectory of select vendors who demonstrate exceptional quality, innovation, and market potential.
  • Strategic Collaboration with Top Industry Players: By participating in our yearly growth program, selected vendors gain access to strategic collaboration opportunities with other top industry players, including leading technology companies, investors, and government agencies. This collaborative environment fosters knowledge sharing, networking, and synergistic partnerships that drive mutual growth and success.
  • Tailored Support and Resources: As one of the top 10 vendors selected for our yearly growth program, your company will receive tailored support and resources to maximize your impact in the Norwegian market. This includes access to funding opportunities, mentorship from industry experts, marketing support, and assistance with recruitment and talent acquisition to address the shortage of IT resources.
  • Visibility and Recognition: Being chosen as one of the top 10 vendors in our yearly growth program provides unparalleled visibility and recognition within the Norwegian IT industry. This prestigious designation not only enhances your company’s reputation but also positions you as a leader and innovator in the market, attracting attention from potential customers, investors, and collaborators.
  • Opportunity for Long-Term Growth and Expansion: Participation in our yearly growth program is not just about short-term gains; it’s about laying the groundwork for long-term growth and expansion in the Norwegian market. Through strategic planning, mentorship, and ongoing support, we aim to help our selected vendors achieve sustainable success and make a lasting impact on Norway’s technology landscape.
  • Contribution to Addressing Critical Skills Gap: By partnering with Norway Growth Plan and participating in our yearly growth program, your company not only gains access to lucrative business opportunities but also plays a crucial role in addressing the critical shortage of IT resources in Norway. Your expertise, innovation, and collaboration are essential for driving economic growth, job creation, and technological advancement in the country.
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  • Send us an email and we will send you the application documents.
  • Join our next partner program: 10 Associated Partners will attend the second program starting July 1st 2024.
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Business Readiness Profile and Norway Growth Plan