Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please have a look at some of the main questions we get from our members – feel free to reach out and we can schedule a free 30-minute call.

Check and choose the type of membership:

Register; name, title, type of company you work in or with (startup/scaleup, Coach, accounting, lawyer, investor, incubator, accelerator, business cluster, hub etc..)  email, mobile, photo.

Please have a look under “Training” – then choose whether you are a Startup or a Scaleup.

There are several training-menus but in general we start out with a 30-minute free call to define your situation and training needs.

Based on your needs we typically provide you with a “Development Plan” with clear focus- and improvement areas and we define the short, mid and long term goals, strategies and actions to be taken as well milestone where we measure progress and performance. If you want to run the training on your own or with your internal employees or external partners; no problem – we will invite them to your training dashboard.

Here are some examples of popular Trainings:

  • Management Training.
  • Sales Training.
  • Go To Market Training.
  • Pitch Training.
  • Board Development.
  • Budgeting and Financial Strategy.

Once you are a registered member and based on the level of your membership, Minimum PRO-membership ($30.-/month/member, please see “Membership_Pricing”) you will get access to our our pool of consultants and in an easy way you may get connected in minutes starting your improvement process. 

Please check “Funding_How it works”. But in short; we strongly suggest a 30-minute free call to define your funding needs and also you will tell us a bit about your company, maturity stage (pre-seed, Seed, Serie A/B/C), whats the pre-money valuation of your company, previous funds, funding needs, type of investors etc. Based on this we will suggest the steps ahead.

But … its a tough capital market out there, I am sure you are aware of this and we strongly suggest to run an assessment of Maturity Profile – it will give you, your team and the next investor a more “in depth view” about your corporate situation. Furthermore, we will invite investors into our training portal giving needful insight on how you are performing and what you achieve.. Its more like a Partnership and we know its highly appreciated Secondly; the Maturity Profile Report will give you a standpoint of whats needed to be developed based on 35 areas. Please have a closer look under “Funding_Capital Funding”. 

Yes – no problem. we are offering a White Label version of our platform. Please visit “Technology-White Label_PaaS” and you can read all about it. We also strongly suggest a 30-minute call to determine your specific needs.

We are offering full time, part time, contractual based, on site or remote candidates.

Examples of positions:

  • IT-resources (Senior and Junior .net, #C, Java. Senior Project manageers. QA. SCRUM-master etc..).
  • Managers (CEO, CTO, CFO, COO, Sales Director/Manager).
  • Board (BOD, Board Members).
  • Sales (B2B, B2C, Partner Account Managers. Key Account Manaers).

Please feel free to set up a 30-minute call and lets discuss your recruitment needs.