Community Features

Speed up your growth. Connect. Secure performance.


Chat with users in real time! Messaging, Video conferencing (zoom)

Coaching Profile

Coaching Profile to make your profile visible to new users


Coaching Calendar to keep track of your appointments


Coaching Dashboard to have control over progression and results

User Feedback

Feedback from users and recommendations gives you visible rankings

User Portal

Dedicated user portal for your projects

User Structure

User role structure distributed on organization / team / individual level as well as role definition and delimitation in accordance with GDPR

Billing Systems

Invoicing and financial overview of income and expenses


Implement and plan digital e-learning modules with knowledge tests and diplomas

Global Community

Become part of our global online community for Coaches. Here, new relationships will be established at an international level

Video recording

Record your Coaching conversations on video and share them with your users

Develop and Sell

Develop, sell and market your Coaching packages digitally

Training Library

Advanced training library to systematize training exercises

Training Diary

Digital Training Diary for efficient logging of training exercises


SMS / Email Reminders acccording to participant training sessions


Advanced profile system for raising awareness of strengths / areas for improvement in skills, knowledge, attitudes, behavior

Improvement Plan

Digital plan for defining focus areas, goals, measures, milestones for evaluating performance and results


Digital assessment and analysis of performance at organization, team, individual level


Establish open / closed groups / forums to ensure collaboration, learning, best practices and competence sharing


Invite users to digital webinars or physical seminars and connect relationships and new knowledge


Share knowledge and inspiration through newsletters and blogs and keep yourself updated on new knowledge through members of the portal

It's time to SCALE!

So – you did it! You managed to grow your company through difficult and challenging times and you are now destined to bring it up to the next level.


First step is to run an assessment. Simply speaking; if you want to grow we need to define where you are, where you want to be and how to get there!


Now the fun start! In close cooperation with fellow founders inside our portal and your personal mentor or coach we will automate, evaluate and track your performance.

Follow up

Milestones wil document your valuable progress. Yur personal Dashboard will visualize performance versus goals and Scorecard allows you and your mentor analyze it.

Featured Courses and trainings


It`s a very practical exercise. What is your Business Idea? What is your Vision? What are your Goals? What are your Strategies? What are your corporate Values. Clear KPI`s, goals, actions and milestones to evaluate your performance improvement gives you crystal clear roadmap to boost your business!


Wouldn`t it be great to talk with someone who has been there before. Who is understanding what you go through. Who has the skills and experience to guide you the right way. Who is always there. Who cares for and with you. Just reach out!

achieving your goals

Getting in better business shape forces you to face your biggest challenges, and sticking to a regular routine for a long period of time. Our training and tracking system will make sure you know how to focus on the right tasks and workouts to reach your goals. 

What Our customers say

I am very excited to meet others who I can quickly learn from so that I avoid too many mistakes and can get to the goal faster. Exciting to have a separate system for development. We meet many on Facebook and elsewhere but it is not set in the system; I have expectations for that!

Lena A.

What is typical of entrepreneurs is that we are good at product and not very good at management, sales, digital marketing, strategy and business development. I wish I had this access sooner. Especially now. In addition, we have little time to put our own development in the system and need someone who can kick us off and follow us up on goals.

Karen E.

Choose Your PLAN

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News Feed

Live Chat

Groups & Forums (payable and free)

Busíness & Personal Profile

On-Boarding meeting




All PLUS features +

ZOOM integration

Founder Forum (Value $20/month)

Leadership Forum (Value $20/month)

On-Boarding meeting




All PRO features + one of following

Job Portal

Job Portal Training (1/2-day)

Access Counsultans

On-Boarding meeting