Partnership – membership

We offer 3 different partnerships: Plus – Pro and Premium.

A more detailed description of content and price must be agreed separately.

Membership levels

Our target users are corporations (Small, Medium and Large).

The Corporate membership

The Corporate membership are for those who are passionate about performance improvements within corporate, team and individual performance. Members can use our digital community and learning platform to develop, run and follow up their own training plans and key areas to improve based on the content provided by the professional Consultants, Trainers and Coaches.

Scaleup Membership:

Startup membership:

The Professional Membership

The Professional Membership is for professionals whose work and interests are consistent with the purposes of the Improve Startups AS. It could be professional Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Recruiters, Advisors, Lawyers, Incubators, Municipalities etc. Professionals can use our digital training platform to manage collaborations, learning, personal and corporate growth.

Associated membership:

The Affiliate Membership

The Affiliate Membership are professionals applying for a Reseller Partnership for Improve Systems; a digital platform to run, execute and follow up training programs.

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